Radio Tape
  • Radio Tape
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A collection of Kontakt Instrument from the mangled sounds of a 20 year old Radio-shack Vox Voice Recorder.

The sounds are in 3 categories: Ambient, FX, and Synth-like. These sounds include drones, soundscapes, riser and drop like sounds, and just plain mangled sounds. Most of the ambient sounds are looped seamlessly.

Most of the sounds are derived from the actual mechanical noise of the recording device, by physically toying with the buttons until malfunctioning, odd sounds were created. That being said, some of the sounds are the sound of mangled sounds on the tape itself, as the result of fast-forwarding or slowing down the tape dramatically (the shrouded, unrecognizable sounds being sounds included in Audio Reward's Headphase).

There are some tuned tape ambiances where an empty part of the tape was sampled as it played and the static and hum was tuned to either major or minor.

A free folder is also included and named "Extra Instruments," which consists of 6 samples and 5 NKI instruments, 51.8MB of samples uncompressed.

Contents of paid package:

82 Samples, 326MB uncompressed 28 NKI patches and 4 Multis

Requires full version of Kontakt 5.81

The photosynthesis engine was used for the creation of all Kontakt patches:

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Turbo Tremolo
  • Turbo Tremolo
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A solo violin library recorded using a specialized technique: playing violin tremolos as fast as humanly possible.

Requires Full Version of Kontakt 5.8.1


23 samples, 24bit 96khz, (256MB uncompressed) 8 NKI presets Every 2nd note was sampled. Sample lengths range from 15 seconds to 30 seconds so loop points were used to create variation in the presets (like RR, different layers, and creating an illusion of chromatic sampling to reduce or eliminate phasing).

The Photosynthesis Engine by Jeremiah Pena was used for programming the samples and presets:

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Chord Organ
  • Chord Organ
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Chord organ is a collaboration between Beautiful Void Audio, Sound Aesthetics Sampling, and Foster's Lab. We found an old worn out, out of tune Magnus Chord Organ, and turned it into a unique Kontakt instrument which goes far beyond its original intent. These sounds can be useful for a wide range of genres, including ambient, synth, cinematic, comedy, horror, science fiction, vintage, and more.

61 preset patches, including several creative sound design patches. 13 useful multis using the various presets from the original 61.

563 Samples, uncompressed at 1.68GB, 24Bit 48khz 1.26GB when compressed to NCW files (as downloaded)

IMPORTANT: Requires full version of Kontakt 5.80

SPECIAL THANKS to Paul Lebkucher of Sound Aesthetics Sampling for creating the Engine and UI, and contributing to presets and demos. Here is a link to his Website: SPECIAL THANKS to Pierre-Augustin Vallin for creating additional presets for the Chord Organ. Here is a link to his soundcloud:

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Traffic Designer
  • Traffic Designer
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A strange and unusual collection of Kontakt instruments derived 100% from the sounds of distant vehicles and various vehicular machinery --including cars, planes, street sweepers, motorcycles, garbage trucks, etc.

Requires Full Version of Kontakt 5.8.0 or Higher

CONTENTS: 45 unique NKI patches + 2 variations 693MB Uncompressed (152 Samples at 48Khz, 24bit)

Audio Demo Links

All patches were created using Jeremiah Pena's free Photosynthesis Engine, found below

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Stereo String Sustains
  • Stereo String Sustains
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(Please see the bottom for compatibility info) A solo violin recorded with 3 different perspectives (Center, Left, Right), then mixed together in the Kontakt environment (giving you control over each perspective). Each perspective was played with a different bow speed. Only the open strings were recorded in order to give it a more "airy" sound. To also add to the airy quality, no rosin was used, and many of the strands of the bow were frayed. Samples are looped within Kontakt so you can press and hold the notes ad-infinitum.

Sample Content: 149MB, 12 files, 48khz 24bit Kontakt: 4nkis, 4multis

Please note: The free engine called "Photosynthesis" was used, courtesy of Jeremiah Pena. Please see here:

Compatibility IMPORTANT: Requires the full version of Kontakt V5.8 (will only work in Demo Mode in Kontakt Player)

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