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Sound FX created from mangling Chord Organ samples through a feedback loop of two delay plugins.

There are 2 versions of each sound included. There is a RAW folder, which has the sounds as they were originally created in the FX chain. Then there is a Reverberated folder, where the samples were put through a modest, smooth reverb preset (using Tone Boosters Reverb Version 4).

Raw contents: 130 WAV files in 7 categories. 96Khz, 24bit. 86MB uncompressed

Reverberated contents: 130 WAV files in 7 categories, 96Khz, 24bit, 300MB uncompressed.

Purchase includes both folders.

Category Titles:

(1) Dropish (2) Low End (3) Modulation (4) Repeaters (5) Riseish (6) Shorts (7) Synthy

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